A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a strategy/tactical RPG game engine that is very much a work in progress. It is written in C# and utilizes OpenGL through the OpenTK library. Content for a game is currently defined via XMLs, PNG files and OBJ files.

The engine has had very little testing on machines outside of my own, so please do report any issues that you encounter. This will greatly help me in fixing any bugs.

Currently only the battle module can be tested. Will work on getting documentation uploaded soon.

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  • Menu Controls: Arrow Keys, Enter, Escape
  • Battle Controls: Arrow Keys, WASD (Camera), Enter, Escape
  • Skills
    • Slime
      • Goo Bomb - Delayed ranged AOE attack
      • Goo Burst - AOE attack, heals unit slightly
      • Goo Revive - Revives dead unit
      • Goo Touch - Inflicts poison on unit
    • Mantis
      • Sweep Slash - Angled AOE attack
    • Shroom
      • Spore Scatter - AOE Poison

Install instructions

The game is currently downloaded as a 7zip archive. Decompress the archive then double click on the executable and hope for the best.


TacticalRPG-2016092802.7z 25 MB
TacticalRPG Wiki 1 MB
TacticalRPG-DemoDay12-001.7z 15 MB